Book Spotlight: Bleeding Love (Cut #3) by Kathleen Mare’e

Excited for the Final Installment of the Cut Series! Due to release in April 2016. 




**This is not a standalone. This is the FINAL chapter in Penelope’s story**

Giving her heart to someone else was never going to be easy. It was going to bleed, but it was worth it for the chance at love.

Finally, she was moving forward and able to envision a brand new future, other than the one she had planned. But when Jay and Penny are torn apart by their worlds, it seems like everyone is out to keep them apart.

Hearts are hurt.

Truths aren’t told.

And when both of their pasts keep trying to make them present – trusts are tested.

Is Penny able to find her happiness with a love that conquers all? Or is it not only her cut that is bleeding love?


Everything was getting blurry, and it was probably due to the itty bitty salad I ate for lunch today in between bank reconciliations that is causing it.

That, and the alcohol of course.

“Let me take her home.”

I hear that warm voice that makes me feel at home. That deep sound which is like dark chocolate, melted on a winters night by the fire; and the same way we used to hibernate in the winter. Together.

“Evan. Looking so very fine as the last time I saw you.”

Giselle’s eyes go up and down in his direction, as he stands behind me. His warm, yet scarce touch on the small of my back felt more than my queasy stomach; but I can’t bring myself to turn towards him.

“Her boss wasn’t it? I see you have taken it upon yourself to get my girl drunk.”

Giselle’s eyes change from adoring gaze to annoyed glare in an instant and she places her perfectly manicured fingers on her hip.

“Yes. Her boss and friend mind you. And if you mean getting her drunk, by thanking her and having fun – then I must be guilty.” I leak out a tiny giggle watching her scold Evan. I am definitely enjoying seeing her reprimand him more than flirt with him.

Definitely more.

“See! P is having a great time. And I believe she is not your girl anymore. She’s someone else’s.”
My mind instantly wanders to those gorgeous blue eyes that I have missed all week and who has made me feel love

again. While the man who first made me feel love – is caressing my lower back protectively, the way he used to.

“Then where is he now then huh?”

That does it. I could feel the wetness in my eyes before I even knew I was sobbing. I knew it was ridiculous to be teary when he had only been gone two weeks, but the last few months I had fallen so hard for him and I was still waiting for his call tonight. Who knew what had kept him, or who he was with right now.

“Look what you did arsewipe!” Giselle bites, placing her arm around my shoulder softly before continuing. “Come on P, let’s get you home.”

“I can take her home.”
“You, are not taking her anywhere.”
“Try and stop me.”
“You know, for a delicious looking guy you are making me so not hungry right now.”

“Stwop it,” I squeaked, before I even realised it was my voice that came out. But as Giselle stopped her bickering with Evan, I turned to face him. And there he was. That dark tanned skin that peeked out beneath his white tee, and the slight crease between his large brown eyes that was his look of concern. He always worried about me. Always.

“Evan, I am find. Sel can twake me hwome.”
Fuck, I am drunk. My thoughts echoed before a hiccup escaped my mouth. At least it was just a hiccup and not vomit.
“Penny, you are not fine. You’re drunk. Let me. Let me take you home.”

All I could do was stare at his mouth and that gorgeous stubble he always kept there for me. The same growth that reminded me of Jay’s beard he grew out while he was here with me, and the same beard he had to shave off when he returned to his old life. I woke up with my normal, caring boyfriend, and went to bed with a dream that felt like it would never return.

“No Evan. I’m not letting her go anywhere with you. Come on Penny.”

I shake my head to rid my thoughts and bring my blurry vision back to reality. I shuffled out of Evans touch, and smiled kindly toward Giselle. I didn’t look back at Evan as we walked toward our table. Nor did I glance at him as Sel gathered our bags and walked us out of the venue. And I definitely didn’t sneak a look at his sad and desperate eyes, as I felt them on me until I was passed out in the taxi.






“From the earliest age I was a born storyteller.

Ask my parents and they will tell you I had a gift for making a simple event seem like an elaborate one. It was my imaginary world that initially led me to believe I wanted to be an actor. However, after becoming quite uncomfortable with the limelight – it quickly saw that dream diminish.

Years later, I am a wife, mother of two young boys and sometimes hockey wag ;). When I am not busy being one of those three things, I work Monday to Friday, read a novel a night, love fitness and try to find the time to write. “

(Bio pulled from Goodreads)

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