Bleeding Love (Cut #3) by Kathleen Maree’


**This is not a standalone. This is the FINAL chapter in Penelope’s story**

Giving her heart to someone else was never going to be easy. It was going to bleed, but it was worth it for the chance at love.

Finally, she was moving forward and able to envision a brand new future, other than the one she had planned. But when Jay and Penny are torn apart by their worlds, it seems like everyone is out to keep them apart.

Hearts are hurt.

Truths aren’t told.

And when both of their pasts keep trying to make them present – trusts are tested.

Is Penny able to find her happiness with a love that conquers all? Or is it not only her cut that is bleeding love?

ReviewI ate up bleeding love. I didn’t have a choice. I told myself “Bellia, this is the last in a series….” but nope, I just read… and read…and read until I realized it was 4 A.M. and I needed to stop.

This might sound crazy but I’m a sucker for intense feels. Especially the painful ones. When a character realizes he or she messed up and is working to fix it. When a character is so passionate about their hurt……

so good

okay… I sound like a sadist….

This book gave me those feels. When they hurt, I hurt right along with them. Where Cut was intense and battlescars was mysterious, Bleeding love was an emotional rollercoaster.

Before I continue on, I have to warn you that this review will have spoilers from the first two books. It is a good idea to read both Cut and Battlescars before starting Bleeding love. My reviews for both books can be found here and here. HERE WE GO!

Penny and Jay have solved the mystery. The person is now behind bars and there isn’t much else getting in their way. Oh wait.. except a scheming band mate and an ex from hell causing all kinds of strife.

So this story is similar to the typical rockstar/normal girl stories… BUTT (hehe)… Because of the first two books and the extensive backstory of Penny and Jay, I feel that the story is stronger than just your run of the mill rockstar romance. These two have gone through some shit…. There is betrayal, murder, love triangle… all that goodness seeping out of this story. I can’t help but be invested in this point in their relationship because I experienced all the crazy with them. You can’t help but root for them after everything they’ve gone through.

Penny isn’t stupid. She knew that loving Jay was going to come with more than just your normal relationship problems. With him on tour and her working back home, the distance is going to be their greatest adversary. Add to that a couple of assholes in the background trying to muck things up and you’ve got the makings of an awesome story.

Me when the first of the assholes comes up:


I’m trying to be as vague as possible per usual because I want you to take on the story. Don’t look for crazy twists and turns in this book. This book is purely about the feelings. The hurt and overcoming the obstacles that come with their type of relationship.

I think this was a wonderful end to their story. I’m sad to let go of them and hope we get a novella here and there to see how their doing. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, it has a little bit of everything. The storylines are intense and full of emotion.

If you’re looking to cry your heart out, if you’re into rocker romance or just plain want to feel the feels, this book is for you.






“From the earliest age I was a born storyteller.

Ask my parents and they will tell you I had a gift for making a simple event seem like an elaborate one. It was my imaginary world that initially led me to believe I wanted to be an actor. However, after becoming quite uncomfortable with the limelight – it quickly saw that dream diminish.

Years later, I am a wife, mother of two young boys and sometimes hockey wag ;). When I am not busy being one of those three things, I work Monday to Friday, read a novel a night, love fitness and try to find the time to write. “


(Bio pulled from Goodreads)

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Bleeding Love (Cut #3) by Kathleen Maree'
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I cried!

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Last in the Series (I WANT MORE!)



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