So it started with one Bad Ass Beauty (B.A.B) who ate books for breakfast....

She was tired of eating alone so she shared her addiction with her comadre, which led to a couple of office mates getting in on the action, then led to a couple of family members to the 8 B.A.Bs we have as of this publication date.

Not everyone from our group will be posting their views and Bellia is currently our B.A.B. in Command. We will review the group book as a whole and others will reviews books they have read on their own.

We each have our own style of writing and we view the book differently of course. We will label our posts with our names to make it easier for you all to find your favorite B.A.B. review.

If you would like a book reviewed by a specific B.A.B. please use the request form here.

We hope to spread our love of books and general bad assery outside the walls of our club. We know there are more B.A.Bs out there.

Happy Reading Beauties!