Founder and B.A.B in Command

Bellia has been addicted to reading since her father bought her a Chronicles of Narnia box set when she was a child. She is known to LOL in public and and forego sleep all in the name of finishing a good book. Loves: Friend to Lover, Alpha Male, Major Snark, Queue the Tears Hates: Insta-love, excessive sex scenes,

Melli Mels

Chief Editor and Author

Melli Mels is Bellia's Comadre and Business Partner. She has rekindled her love for reading in the last year and she is completely addicted. Her writing style is increasingly excited and energetic depending on how much she loves the book. Loves: Biker books, Hawk Delgado, Kristen Ashley, Alpha Males Hates: Insta-love, Weak Male Characters, Whiney Females