Rating Matrix

With our new website we decided to update our rating system as well. We have decided to increase the values from 0-5 to 0-10.


Below is a listing of the criteria we are now looking at and what we ask ourselves when we rate our books.

  • Writing
    • Were there a lot of typos?
    • Was the writing consistent?
  • Storyline
    • Was the storyline unique?
    • Was I engaged through the story?
    • Did I put down the book for anything? … like sleep?
    • Did the story flow well
    • Was the ending/cliffhanger written well?
  • Character Development
    • Were the characters developed well?
    • Did I connect with the characters?
    • Were the characters believable?
  • Emotion
    • Was I emotionally invested in the story?
    • Did I cry?
    • Did I laugh?
  • World Building (Paranormal)
    • Was the world building consistent?

Rating Conversion

We understand that our rating system is different from those of Goodreads, Amazon and other book retailers. Below is our conversion matrix.

1 = 1 Crown

2 = 1.5 Crowns

3 = 2 Crowns

4 = 2.5 Crowns

5 = 3 Crowns

6 = 3.5 Crowns

7 = 4 Crowns

8 = 4.5 Crowns

9  = 5 Crowns

10 = 5+ Crowns

Why are we changing it?

That is a good question. It would just be easier to use the same value system as everyone else. As MelliMels and I were rating, we felt that we wanted to be more detailed in how we rate our books. We want to give you all the most accurate rating, even if it means a little more work for us.

If you have any questions or concerns about our rating system please contact us.