Review Policy


When Melli Mels and I started this blog the first thing we agreed upon was that our blogosphere was going to be a positive one. We review quite a few books and while what you see is a blog full of positive ratings, we don’t actually like everything we read.

We see the ratings people give when they don’t like a book and we feel that it is just so hurtful. Especially when they outright verbally attack the author. We understand that everyone has an opinion but to attack an author outright is unacceptable in our book.

For that reason, we don’t post low rating books on our blog. We simply move passed them. This will give others who give the book a chance, a chance to love it without any negativity from us.

To best match us with books that we will enjoy and rave about please see our Review Policy below:

  • As mentioned above, if we do not like the book we will not post a negative review on our blog or any of our social media. If you would like for us to review it for your own purposes please inform us.
  • We review Historical Contemporary and Paranormal Romance, YA, New adult and some erotica. Please submit review requests for only these genres.
  • If you are unsure your book fits within these categories, please feel free to email us at and we can discuss.
    When your request is accepted we will do our absolute best to read and review the book by your deadline. We will let you know where you are in our queue.
  • Please see the standard template we use when posting a review on our website. Let us know if there are any additional images or information you would like for us to include. Our full review is posted on our website. Links to review are posted on all of our social media accounts. Copies of the review content are copied into Goodreads and other retail sites (ie. amazon, B&N, ibooks)
    • An image of the cover
    • A synopsis of the book (pulled directly from goodreads)
    • Our Review
    • Our Rating (in crowns)
    • Favorite Quotes
    • Book buy links (to amazon for paperback and kindle)
    • Author bio and photo (pulled usually from goodreads, but sometimes the author website)
    • Author contact links to Website, facebook, twitter, instragram and twitter.
  • If we give your book a high rating will send you a copy of the review and when it will be posted. We like to post our reviews as close to the publish date for maximum visibility.
  • If you have any teasers or marketing tools you would like for us to use, please let us know. We are happy to market a great book on your behalf.
  • If the book had a maximum rating we will host a “sleep is for the weak” giveaway in preparation for your book release. It usually consists of a giftcard to buy the book and a starbucks card to keep you up all night to read it. Please let us know if you would like to include anything to the giveaway. Anything will be appreciated.
  • Review Policy is subject to change.